There is no end. There is no beginning.

There is only the infinite passion of life.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I want a legitimate relationship. I want someone who is just mine. No gray areas, no maybes. Someone to be there for me, to listen when I need them..Someone I can hold and that will hold me when I need to be held...I want someone to kiss me randomly, just because they felt like it. I want someone to call me or text me out of the blue...someone that remembers all my little quirks, and loves me anyway. I want a love that withstands time, that is all the cliches...I want someone to fight with, to debate with, to be mad at...someone to cuddle with, and spoil like crazy. I want someone that I can buy random things for just because I know that he'll like them...I want someone to cook dinner for every night...I'm ready to be come home to the man I love every day. I want to know that until the end of my days on Earth I have someone to call my own, as much as a person can be mine. I want someone to have children with, that will hold my stomach as it swells and talk to the baby growing within me. I want someone to hold my hand and just be. I want someone to take me on dates...I want someone that will be proud to show the world that I am theirs. i want someone that looks at me with wonder in their eyes, and love in their heart. I want someone that will forgive my transgressions and know that I am only human and I make mistakes...

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