There is no end. There is no beginning.

There is only the infinite passion of life.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Update on the Roomate Situation!

The slob roommate moved out! And my two little cousins (both 19) moved in :) So it's one big happy family living here now :) lol!


Sooo I met my grandmother for the very first time!

I have never met my dad. I did not know his side of the family at all until I was 19 years old. I found my sister on myspace (haha Oprah story, I know) and began speaking to the rest of the family after that. I am now about to be 22 years old, so I've only known about them for less than two years.

My dad's mom has colon cancer and is being treated in the same state that I live in. She called to say that she would like to stop in and meet my brother, niece, and I.

So she drove in and stayed the night with us! It was pretty exciting :) and very emotional!!!

My Reality

Broken Promises
Broken Dreams
Lie shattered
Along with my sanity
Losing my mind
Tears fall down
Covering my soul
Hurt after hurt
Nowhere left to go
Seeking your face
Lost in this world
I reach for your hands
But they left me long ago
Each night I lie awake praying
This is all just a bad dream
But I know inside that this is
My reality
You tell me to trust
But you don't know what that implies
Trust is just the opening to more lies

Broken Wings

You were there to see me at my worst,
Silent cries that no one else has ever seen.
You broke down my walls until I let you in,
Convinced me you would always catch me if I needed to fall...
Now you've gone and my tears fall on deaf ears, blind eyes...
Arms that used to hold now push away,
Destroying the fragile trust of a novice lover...
Dreams of happiness float away,
Drifting up, farther out of reach...
Broken dreams, broken wings,
Can't get back what was lost...