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Friday, July 23, 2010


I find it ironic that there is so much hatred for immigrants in America. Do people not realize that everyone here (barring American Indians) are immigrants? The USA is made of immigrants. There is no specific culture that makes us. We are unique in the fact that we are made of so many religions/languages/cultur
es. If you kick out every immigrant in the US and their families, very few people would be left.

People call out Mexicans and Muslims more often than any other group of people. I will address the Mexican part first:

Mexican people have their origins in American Indians and Spanish settlers. Therefore, their ancestors were here before white people (well the Indian half). The US took most of the Southern half of their territory from Mexicans in war. Is it really valid to say that they are immigrants then? The southern half of the US has a culture that is rich in Mexican heritage. Our dance, food, clothing, style of living, and housing all have influences that date back to Mexico.

Now for the Muslim part. MUSLIMS ARE NOT ALL THE SAME PEOPLE. Muslims come from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Mexico, Canada, China, Europe, and *GASP* right here in the United States! Muslims are white, black, Mexican, Hispanic, Asian, etc. So to tell them to "go back where they came from" or that they are not welcome here is absurd. How can you tell someone born and raised here to "go back where they came from!" This land is not exclusively designated for white, straight, Christian people only. It is a land born of freedom, tolerance, and respect for other people. Yet once again, people have let each other down in their inability to embrace the foreign or unknown. Hatred has persevered in our hearts.

Please, please, next time you open your mouth to spout ignorance, stop. Think. Have you researched this topic? Do you know anything about the valid points? If not, I'm begging you, keep your mouth shut! You are only showing your ignorance by spouting lies and bigotry. Everyone has a right to be here, not just you. Where would you be if America had refused your ancestors?

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