There is no end. There is no beginning.

There is only the infinite passion of life.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I'm learning slowly that you can't trust everyone. I am generally a very trusting person and I love to see the best in people. I'm learning that no matter what you do, people will do bad things to you. They say bad things intentionally to hurt you. Some people are just bad.

That said, most people are amazing :) It's funny how you can meet great people because of the people trying to ruin your life. Shows how much karma can affect you! haha jk. But really, Allah has amazing plans for our lives!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Waiting Tables

Ok, so I'm kinda pissed off because I keep seeing articles with people complaining about having to tip their waitstaff. I understand not tipping when the service is completely awful, but if you dont tip just because you are a jackass, then dont eat out!!!

The vast majority of waiters/waitresses only make 2.13 per hour. After they take the taxes out of your check, guess what...that means you get a grand total of MAYBE 10-30 dollars from a 30+ hour work week. And yes, we do have to claim all of our tips, and they are taxed too, thus the 10-30 dollars left over.

By the way, if you don't tip your waiter, that doesn't mean the way restaurants are run will change. Waitstaff will still be paid 2.13. You can not change how much they are paid by being a jerk. This is the only income they have. If restaurants paid waitstaff even minimum wage, the price of food would go up to deal with the lost income. That means that all the things you get for free: free refills, free bread/rolls, free chip refills, ketchup, lemons for water, etc, now have to be paid for. Thus your meal price goes up dramatically.

Waiting tables may not seem that hard. If you think it is easy, by all means go try. Try dealing with annoying little kids that leave half eaten, mashed up pieces of food on the seats that you now have to clean up. Or little pain in the ass kids that think screaming at the top of their lungs, throwing things, and purposely making messes is just soooo cute and fun-or even worse dealing with their parents that think its perfectly acceptable for their angel to do these things.

Not bad enough? Try dealing with nasty men making inappropriate remarks about your body and women that treat you like shit because they think you actually WANT their ugly husband/boyfriend.

Or wait, what about being looked at like you are the scum of the earth because you wait tables. God forbid I have a low level job to pay for my PhD!

And yes, I do have a choice to not work as a waitress. But trust, I'm not the only waitress that feels this way! There would be no one left to wait tables because no one would choose to be treated like shit for hours on end only to be paid minimum wage. That's why we grin and bear all the nasty remarks- in hopes that the customers will have mercy and throw us a couple of dollars!

And sorry. Just had to get that out LOL